Give your body a boost with Crystal Light

I'm not ready to trade my occiasiinal cocktaill --like this refeshing Mojito --but the new mocktails are a good option!Steamy summer weather calls for cool refreshing beverages, but beware of extra calories! Experts say many of us unknowingly drink hundreds of extra calories a day — and that adds up to unwanted pounds!

Recently I tried Crystal Light’s new limited edition “mocktail” flavours in Margarita, Mojito, and (I adore this one) Appletini. They are a delicious and only five calories per eight-ounce glass.
I find most fruit-flavored beverages too sweet, so I like to mix it to my own taste.
Tasty mocktails are only 5 calories an 8 ounce glass!If you haven’t tried Crystal Light or thought it was just grown-up Kool-Aid, give it a try. It may not replace your occasional cocktail — it won’t replace mine — but it is a great summer low-cal beverage. It is also a perfect drink to offer as a fun non-alcoholic option at parties.
There are other formulas too: Crystal Light Anti-Oxidant, Crystal Light Metabolism + Green Tea and Crystal Light Skin Essentials. I like the idea of giving my body boost with a tasty low-cal beverage while drinking lots of hydrating H2O.