Gifts for heavenly sleep

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BBBEveryone needs a good night’s sleep, so if someone on your holiday gift list has trouble getting one, consider giving a gift that will help them sleep like a babe. 

Buddha’s Book of Stress Reduction by Joseph Emit is full of practical instruction for mindful living in a stressful age.  Author Joseph Emet trained with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.  His is tips are as simple as being aware of and changing the music that you listen too. But in total they can help you make profound and joyful changes.

The Proper Pillow is designed to reduce back and neck pain by properly aligning your neck, back, and spine while you sleep. The pillow’s low density foam molds to your head and you can turn it over to find the best fit. It was created by Dr. Rick Loos, a chiropractor in California, after observing that most of his own patients had alignment problems.

This is one of more comfortable special sleep pillows we have tried as well as one of most attractive. The pillow is flexible so you can sleep on your back or your side. It comes with a good looking white quilted cover and it fits into a standard queen pillow case.  The pillow is shipped in its carrying case, so if like me you travel with your own pillow, you are all set. The Proper Pillow costs about $90 plus shipping and it comes with a 60-day perfect sleep guarantee. pp

This type of pillow is not for everyone, but is good option to try for those who suffer from neck and back

Sexy PJs in satin are a lux gift that won’t break the bank. Treat the ladies on your list to pajamas from Victoria’s Secret.  This year, VS offers the classic PJs in satin as well as in cozy flannel. There are three lengths (S, M, L) to choose from as well as different patterns for the elegant Lauren Bacall types in your life.   The pretty PJs are just under $60.