For the baker!

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Amateurs and experienced bakers alike will be delighted by the new book, Mary Berry Bakes. This collection of more than 100 glorious dessert recipes had me dying to get into the kitchen.  B was introduced to Americans by way of ABC’s the Great Holiday Baking Show and the PBS series, The Great British Baking Show.


Mary’s step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs of finished dishes will give even beginning bakers the confidence to create cakes, pies, and even soufflés!


The book is full of British classics – and great recipes for Lemon Merengue pie and Almond tart – just to name two of my favourites.


I began baking late in life, after cooking for many years. I was intimidated by fancy pastry, even after I learned to make a perfect crust for quiche. I was finally forced to attempt baking when living as an expat, my cake-craving husband being far from his beloved bakeries. This book would have been a lifesaver. Mary Berry has a gift for making even the most complex recipes easy.


This book is a great gift for an aspiring or dedicated home baker.