Get the look you love

Zooey Deschanel is the latest star to channel Audrey Hepburn's style on the red carpet! Do you want to be able walk into room the way a celebrity struts onto a red carpet? Then take a note from their book and “steal” your look.
Many celebrities “borrow” from the glamorous stars of old Hollywood. Madonna finally broke through with her hit Material Girl when she dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Old school glamour helped make Madonna a star. 
Pretty stars including Renée Zellweger, Blake Lively, Katharine McPhee  – just to name a few — can’t resist trying on Marilyn’s trademark look themselves. Even Nicole Kidman recently appeared on the cover of Wa la Monroe. Just watch how traces of Monroe’s sexy style will linger. Stars including Scarlett Johansson “steal” the allure of Marilyn’s look with a flaxen bob, porcelain skin, defined brows, and scarlet lips.
Kim Kardashian has been cribbing style notes from the elegant Sophia Loren, with her sultry 60s eye makeup and fedoras. Angelina Jolie also channels la Loren with her winged eyeliner, masses of brunette hair, and classic but dramatic evening gowns. Like Sophia before her, Jolie is a hot mamma.
Celebrities love to copy Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look. You can spot it easily on willowy girls like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Winona Ryder, or Audrey TautouZooey Deschanel  has the “Audrey” look latelyon the red carpet with her coifed bangs, pearls, and couture ball gowns. Even celebrities with no physical resemblance to Hepburn, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, and JLo, have copied Hepburn’s Holly Golightly look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s with doe eyes and pearls. 
With a little practice you can get your favourite look too. You can find countless makeup tutorials on YouTube that will instruct you with precision on how to recreate any celebrity look. The goal is not to look like a female impersonator – unless it is Halloween or you are attending a fancy dress party. Instead, copy Kim K.’s lead and let your celebrity icon “inspire” your look. Kim does not look like a retro version of Sophia Loren, but one can see Loren’s influence, and it looks fabulous.
For the most striking and successful result, choose a celebrity you resemble, at least superficially. Study your favourite to “dissect” her fashion and beauty magic. Look carefully and you will notice that actresses use clothes to mask flaws and play up their best features. Study their techniques to do the same.
The best looks are a combination of hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothing that create an illusion.
So darlings, go ahead and get the look you love!
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