Get into sexy stripes

Claudia Shiffer in stripes

Last summer, style-savvy celebs such as Claudia Schiffer and Sienna Miller snapped up this striped shirt by Chanel. This is a trend that keeps on giving. Easy-to-wear nautical stripes will be just as chic this spring. So snag a striped shirt of your own and enjoy how fabulous this trend looks at all price points!
Sexy stripes from The Gap $39.50Grab a Gap sweater in silk and cotton, in red and white strips, and pair it with a khaki shirt and jacket for the office. This summer wear it also with khaki shorts. How cute will you look! I have already spotted this number in several fashion layouts!
Chic boatneck sweater from Milly $125Or try a chic black and white look like this one from Milly paired with white pants or a skirt for a mid-winter get away. You will love it again this summer. I also rock a sweater like this with black lathe skirt and boots all winter.



Five easy pieces to update your wardrobe

These pieces look sharp, can be worn with different items in your wardrobe, reflect the hot trends, and are good value for money. Banana Republic silk-cotton blend blouse hits two trends. It’s ladylike, yet perfect with jeans or a pencil skirt. It is comes in yellow or grey are trendy colours.
Two trends in one: a pencil skirt and denim. This skirt is by Vince. It is a bit pricey for denim at more than $180, but the quality and styling make it acceptable for work at all but the most conservative offices. Denim is a huge trend this summer. If it is out of your budget, there are many others that are fabulous and less expensive.
Get a strappy strappy metallic sandal. If it jeweled or studded, so much the better. Metallic is fine for day and it looks wonderful with linen. Metallics are fabulous with white. Gladiator sandals are big too. This is a perfect sandal from the elegant designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Her sable metallic sandal is right on trend. The same metallic sandal in flat is just as stunning. Let your feet and back be your guides.
You can thank Michelle Obama for making the cardigan the new pashmina. White is perfect for summer. You can buy yours at J. Crew as she does, or you can consider this one from Michael Stars for only $74. It’s white supima cotton and looks lovely.
A stipped t-shirt will update anything from your jeans to a suit. Pair it with your cardie and denim or white pants. White pants or white skirt are summer essentials. This one is by Michael Kors is flirty with puff sleeves and a bow at the neck. This sportier and more economical option is from The Gap for $18. Shop around if you have time. I found a perfect black and white striped top for a steal, as I whooshed through a discount-fashion store. In lovely cotton and fabulous neckline.
I focused on separates as they do help stretch wardrobe dollars. If you choose well, you can find pieces that will work as hard in the office as they do for weekends and night, depending on how you pair them. They can also make everything else you own look new!
In addition to these work-horse pieces, think about picking up some pretty summer frocks to flounce about in the weather grows warm and sensual. Luckily, you can get them for a song, if shop around. The discounts are deep at all price points. Think modern florals, neon brights, and sharp geometrics to look new and fresh.