Give yourself a lift

Olay Pro X Professional Firming Treatment consists of a hydrating mask with a tightening serum to help restore the skin’s natural firmness, elasticity, and tension. And darlings, two out of three isn’t bad — especially for a non-surgical treatment. I doubt anything short of an operation can truly restore skin’s tension, but Olay Pro X Professional Firming Treatment does leave skin fuller, firmer, and more elastic-looking and feeling.

The mask — which looks supernatural — is a white cloth, impregnated with super hydrating ingredients. It contains Pal-KTTS, a patented peptide that along with glycerin enhances the outer layer of skin to increase hydration. It also includes niacinamide, or Vitamin 3, to help strengthen the outer layer of the epidermis. And it has caffeine, glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which are all super hydrators.
The Olay Pro X Skin Tightening Serum contains; Pal KT and Pal KTTs which are peptides that work with glycerin to enhance hydration. And it has Lys’lastine, an extract of the dill seed which is harvested in Hungary and India and has antioxidants.
According to Olay, the skin will look significantly younger and healthier in just five days. I tried it once and will continue. I loved the mask. After applying it my skin look fabulous, fresh, moist, and radiant.
The Olay Pro X Skin Tightening Serum can be purchases separately and used daily for firmer-looking skin.
These new Olay Pro X treatments are fantastic options for any woman who wants her skin to look firmer, moister, and more radiant. Olay Pro X Professional Firming Treatment takes only 10 minutes and costs less than a good facial. How fabulous is that?