Bistro in a box

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We were pleasantly surprised by The Artisan Bistro frozen entrees. We recently received a sample of the  Artisan Bistro Roasted Poblano Chicken Meal for 2. I was told it is a favourite of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards. I can see why. The meals are fresh, tasty, and made with 70 percent or more organic ingredients, without artificial flavors, colors, or non-GMO ingredients. They contain sustainable proteins, including sustainably-caught wild salmon, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and cage-free egg whites. 

But, the real selling point is that they taste great. The vegetables are packed separately from the proteins so you don’t overcook them. Everything is seasoned and tasty. The flavour actually popped and you could taste roasted Poblano peppers apoblano chicken artisan bistro organic frozen foods healthiestnd fresh chicken. The meal we ate contained roasted free range chicken, a fire-roasted poblano pepper sauce tossed with red bell peppers, green beans, corn, black beans and brown rice. According to the package the meal contains no artificial ingredients only fresh organic chicken, vegetables, and rice. Each serving has only 260 calories. I added a tossed salad with a homemade low-calorie dressing. Both my husband I agreed this meal for two was one we would be happy to eat again. 

These meals are great choice if you want a high quality frozen meal with taste. The Artisan Bistro also makes a selection of entrees for as well as bowls and bakes for one.