Must-see French film on DVD

The Hedgehog is a quiet little movie that will stay with you long after see it. And do see it.
It tells the tale of bright young Parisian girl, Palomar. She is alienated by her very preoccupied and bourgeois family. So, in a fit of teenage angst, she decides to kill herself on her 12th birthday.
Paloma is also an observer. She documents her life with witty drawings, observations that are well beyond her years and an omnipresent video camera.
During her constant videotaping she meets her building’s concierge. Renée is a grumpy woman with, as Palomar discovers, an elegant sprit. The two misfits recognize in each other a shared dislike of superficiality and prickliness that hides a sensitive nature. They slowly become friends. Paloma takes refuge from her overbearing family in her concierge’s cramped apartment.
As the date for Paloma’s suicide approaches an elegant new tenant has also seen beyond Renée’s gruff exterior and begun to court her. Renée begins to blossom.
A sudden tragic turn of events changes Paloma’s view of life.
The film is based on the French novel The Elegance of the Hedgehog, (L'élégance du hérisson) by Muriel Barbery. It became a cult classic and international bestseller. Do not miss this very special film now out on DVD.