Easy, exotic pizza!

Our book maven and avid cook, Alice Farnsworth, reviewed this delightful and unusual pizza cookbook by a Benedictine priest and monk:

Whether you are an old hand at working with yeast dough, or are praying to learn how, the renowned chef and TV personality, Fr. Dominic Garramone, has written just the book for you. 

Thursday Night Pizza is a 115-page long paperback, packed with mouth-watering pizza recipes. Some are traditional, but others are unusual, such as spicy Thai Peanut Chicken Pizza. There are appetizer pizzas and dessert pizzas, and many sauces and crusts. The directions are chatty, with fun-to-read tips and a light-hearted discussion of the basics of dough making.
Father Dominic is a Benedictine priest and monk of St. Bede Abbey in Peru, Illinois. The monastery’s weekly community night is also pizza night, when it becomes a pizza-testing lab. Whatever is in season or available winds up on the pies. The favorite pizzas of the community’s 25 monks include Four Cheese Tomato Top, Pizza Diavolo, and that old reliable, sausage and pepperoni.
Eventually, Father Dominic’s drama students were invited to help chop, learn to toss the dough, assemble pizzas, eat, and have an all-around hilarious night. 
From 1999 through 2002 Father Dominic hosted the popular PBS show Breaking Bread with Father Dominic.
Father Dominic has inspired me to throw my own pizza nights for family and friends, who will be expected to join in both making and eating. It should be fun. We can all use a little more of that!
Father Dominic Garramone’s cookbooks are available at bookstores and online at www.reedypress.com and www.amazon.com.