Foreo Issa – gentle and effective

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Foreo Issa is a new kind of electric tooth brush from the same people

who make the popular  Foreo Luna skin brush.

Like Foreo Luna, the Issa tooth brush, is made entirely of silicone.

That was what first got my attention. The Foreo Issa is made

entirely from nonporous silicone which makes it resistant to bacteria buildup.

I am a bit of a germ-freak, so when I read it was “at least

35 times more hygienic than regular toothbrushes” I wanted one.

Foreo ISSA is also a “soft-touch”. It uses high-intensity

pulsations and soft silicone bristles instead of friction to remove stains and plaque. So it is gentle on tooth enamel which helps to prevent gum recession.

For an over-brusher that is important!

Foreo also comes with a hybrid head that adds a core of regular bristles to the silicone bristles. I use the hybrid head. I find the silicone really keeps the bristles away from my tender tissues.

Many reviewers have complained that the Issa feels too big in their hands and in their mouths. I am confused by this as my mouth is so small my dentists have to use children’s instruments at times. I am only 5 feet tall so my hands are little too. I find the Issa very comfortable. I love that it is half the weight of standard electric toothbrushes. But if it is too big for your taste there is also is a mini size.

Besides looking very cool and chic, it also has a two minute timed cycle with a single switch for each quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds. There are eight-speed adjustable pulsations. The brush head is so gentle that I run mine on high all the time. The brush is fully waterproof.

You can charge it anywhere with a USB charger on any voltage. You just slip it in its little pouch and go. There are no bulky extras to pack.

The website says each charge lasts for 365 uses or for six months. I am not sure how long it lasts. I brush my teeth a lot, but it stays charged longer than any other tooth brush I have tried. 

Foreo says each brush head will last a year. Mine won’t. I am rough on toothbrush heads I bite them and mess them up. It doesn’t matter it is worth it — my last checkup was excellent.  I figure I will go through three a year which is no more than my other tooth brushes – and this one is much nicer to look at and use.

It costs $199.

Brush heads cost $19.95