Foot petals give you  added comfort in the highest heelsEven the best-fitting, most beautiful, well-made shoes can slip, pinch, or hurt a bit. Leather stretches, feet expand and contract, and things can get slippery. That’s why models, actresses, and smart women know that Foot Petals are a wardrobe must.

I live in my heels and won’t tolerate painful shoes. But no matter no carefully I buy my shoes, they all get a little loose over time. That is why I adore Foot Petals Tip Toes. I have these cushiony little pads in most of my shoes. They make them fit better. They are great for the balls of your feet too, especially when standing on hard surfaces.
The new Lavender-Scented Killer Kushionz are fabulous in pumps and boots. They cushion your feet and smell divine! I have pads in all my boots. They are so nice with the lavender scent.
The ultra-thin Strappy Strips can cushion a strap that pinches or itches. They also prevent ugly red marks on your ankles and feet.
Foot petals are pretty too, so they don’t make your pricey shoes look tacky.