Stay in shape on the run

_annemarieAnne-Marie Berte is the Vice President of sports marketing at PR Nutrition Bars, and a fitness expert. She has worked with top spas and elite athletes. Personally and professionally fitness is her business. Anne-Marie agreed to share how she stays in shape on her own hectic schedule as well as a routine to shape up your arms for the holidays.  

Here’s Anne Marie: 

I always have PR bars, almonds, and a piece of whole fruit in my bag as quick go-to fuel so as to not cheat on something unhealthy.  “PR” stands for “personal record.”  PR Nutrition Bars are an all-natural, gluten-free product formulated to sustain energy. I use PR bars pre-run to stave off hunger during my run, as a breakfast replacement meal, and for post-run fuel/protein and carb replenishment.  

I usually break a PR bar in half and eat half at 10 am and the other half at 3 pm. At 200 calories and a balance of carbs, fat and protein, this provides me the fuel I need to keep blood sugar levels and energy stable throughout the day. I am left feeling satisfied!!  

Anne Marie’s exercise routine for sexy arms  

If you want to show sexy arms this season do these exercises three times a week: 

Do three sets of 20 repetitions each. Stretch in between each set. Use weights of three to five pounds. If, at the end of three sets, if it feels too easy, increase the number of repetitions.  

Shoulders: For pushups start on your knees and work your way up to full plank position pushups. Keep your core engaged – no sagging belly or back. 

For shoulder presses hold weights with your palms facing in, like a number 11 in front of your face. Move the weights up to straight and back down to shoulder level. 

For front and side shoulder raises, start with weights in each hand, with your palms facing towards your legs, and the weights touching your thighs. Raise weights out in front of you to shoulder height, hold arms straight, lower to starting – then stretch arms out to the side (palms still facing down) and return to the side.  Keep arms straight but do not lock your elbows and do not raise arms above shoulder height.  This will burn 🙂  

Triceps: For triceps kick arms back into straight arms above your waist then bend and return to starting position – palms should be facing in towards your body as you kick back.  Once completed, flip palms facing up – arms straight and above the waist and pulse, pulse up above waist in a small motion, 20 times. 

For triceps dip, place palms on the edge of a chair or bench and keeping your body close. Raise your butt off the chair or bench, bend your elbows, and dip down and push back up into your palms – do not sit again, just push up and down with this triceps dip. You will feel it on the back of your arms, your tricep. Do not lock your elbows but do straighten your arms on the push upward. 

Biceps: For front hammer curl, arms by your sides, weights in each hand, keep your arms close and tight to the sides of your body as you bend upwards bringing the weight to the chest.  Keep the palms facing inward.  

Preform side hammer curl similar to the above movement, only take the weights out on the diagonal all while keeping wrists straight and not curling the weight, but using the hammer motion.