Fish oil without fear

Recently, a disturbing number of brands of fish oil have been found to be contaminated. Don’t let that scare you into not taking your supplements. If you have questions about the safety or purity – or want to know more about your supplements — talk to your health care provider or pharmacist. And, buy a brand you can trust.

Many health-conscious beauties take a fish oil supplement daily. Experts have found that that Omega 3 fish oil is good for the head (brain) and the heart. Oils can aid circulation, help prevent stroke, reduce high blood pressure, and even help alleviate depression.
Nordic Naturals is a brand of fish oil supplements we trust. They are manufactured to the highest standards. All Nordic Naturals formulas are delicious — never fishy tasting. I really enjoy the new Nordic Naturals Omega 3 effervescent; it tastes like an orange popsicle.