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I never travel without wipes/hand sanitizer. The last time I forgot to pack them for a plane trip I got sick for two weeks. When I board a plane I clean the trays, armrests, vents, and seat pockets. I refuse to touch anything in the seat pocket. The seat pocket is where people stuff dirty tissues, diapers, and garbage. I line it with a clean plastic bag.

If you think I am germ freak, think again. Studies show you have a 20 percent chance of getting sick from air travel. Most airlines do not deep-clean planes more than once a month or even wipe them down more than once a day. It is gross and scary.

According to studies some bacteria and viruses that can make you sick with cold, stomach flu, and other illnesses can live on surfaces more than 24 hours and, in some cases, days.

GermBloc antimicrobial spray and hand sanitizer lotion have been created with travel in mind. According to the company, “Germbloc anti-microbial spray and hand sanitizer lotion create a barrier that physically breaks down the germ molecules, and keeps doing so for up to 90 days.”

A spritz of GermBloc antimicrobial spray can quickly disinfect places in hotels and on airplanes, and elsewhere where you put your hands.

GermBloc hand sanitizer lotion doesn’t contain alcohol that can irritate skin, so you can use it without worrying about your hands.

I will have this little duo tucked in my hand bag and gym bag from now on. The world is a dirty place and it isn’t getting any cleaner.

Germ bloc has a full line of effective products but the Travel Pack containing a 3 ounce spray and 3 ounce lotion that will pass TSA regulations is $19.95.