Luxe Father’s Day treats

Just in time for Father’s Day, two new elegant skin care products from Caswell-Massey to delight the most discerning man. Almond Pre-Shave Oil has moisturizing natural oils and extracts that help prepare the beard for shaving, and protect from razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Almond Shave Cream in a chic black container will make his daily chore a pleasure. Both products have Caswell-Massey’s clean, classic almond fragrance. Together they make a luxurious daily treat for your favourite dad.

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Stick to the tried and true

A broken alwn mower gives Dad a day-offSome people always have clever gift suggestions for Father’s Day. They suggest all manner of silly of original items. I say stick to the tried and true. The men I know like basic things: a good brunch, a cold cocktail, a good book, a snappy nice tie, or a good bottle of liquor. Don’t get experimental or try to change his taste.  Give a scotch drinker scotch and vodka drinker vodka. Trust me on this!

If the Dad on your list is a vodka lover you may want to give him a bottle of
Sobieski Vodka. It is a traditional Polish Vodka, made from Dankowski rye grain.
Here is a recipe from Sobeiski for a classic brunch beverage that is heartier than a Mimosa, and a switch from a Bloody Mary or Caesar:
Sobieski Broken Lawn Mower
(Created by Tad Carducci)
1½ oz Sobieski Vodka
3 oz chilled beef bouillon
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes Tabasco sauce, or to taste
1 dash habanero sauce (optional) – I like plain old Tabasco
1 oz fresh orange juice
½ tsp. chipotle powder
Juice of ½ lime
Spicy salt (equal parts coarse salt, black pepper, chipotle or regular chile powder and lime zest)

1. Moisten rim of highball glass with lime.
2. Roll outer lip in a saucer filled with the spicy salt mixture.
3. Shake thoroughly, strain over ice into the pre-rimmed highball glass.
5. Garnish with a lime wedge and a pickled hot pepper.

For dapper dads to remember the links during the weekIf your Dad is a bit of fashionista, he may want to follow the vogue for a sporty bowtie. This zippy number is an homage to golf. From  a stylish steal at only $15 USD.