Stiletto scandal

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When several women were turned away from the gala screening of the movie Carole at the Cannes Film Festival for wearing flats, the hue and whine was deafening.

Photo of starlet at Cannes Photo by EricD

Festival director Thierry Fremaux apologized. He has also denied that high heels are obligatory for women at Cannes. He issued the following statement: “Regarding the dress code for the red carpet screenings, rules have not changed throughout the years and there is no specific mention about the height of the women’s heels as well as for men’s.” Tuxedo and formal dress are required for gala screenings, while other screenings require smart dress.


Fashion writer Amanda Brooks pointed out in her piece for Time magazine that Ines de la Fressange walked the red carpet this year at Cannes. She wore a stunning gown and flat sandals, demonstrating the dress code is about elegance not heel height. 

I am so sick of today’s “culture of comfort”. It destroys elegance. The guards who turned away the women may have been “over-zealous” as the now beleaguered and attack director says, or perhaps they not only wore flats but disregarded the formal dress code. I don’t know. I have seen no pictures and few would dare to ask.

I long for the days when a scandal from Cannes included a beautiful starlet like Brigitte Bardot or a flamboyant couplet like Dick and Liz.

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