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Each new fashion season there are more voices and more choices. Gone are the days of a single look or an “it bag”. Now a fashionable woman is free to choose clothes that resonate with her life and spirit.


This is a marvelous freedom for those confident about their look. And it can be confusing for those who are less confident. Even fashion editors seem to struggle these days to find the strongest themes each season and the best way to describe them.


Looking at the collections for fall 2015 I am often reminded of Yves St. Laurent’s dramatic Ballet Russes Collection, Fall 1976. The historic collection was sweeping and romantic.


Looking at the fall collections from Alberta Ferretti, Vita Kin and Lanvin, I was instantly taken back to the opulent fur, embroidery, velvets and brocade of St. Laurent’s epic Ballet Russes.


Women adored that collection and the passion it embodied. One look at the gorgeous fur hats, velvets, and satins, and women could imagine themselves as the heroine of an epic.YSL Les Ballet Russe


The power of clothes to transform or enhance is the magic of fashion. It doesn’t require a jeweled ball gown or embroidered velvet skirt. A flattering pink sweater, great boots, or anything that makes you feel and look special can work the spell.


When you shop for anything this fall – no matter what your budget – don’t settle for ordinary and dull. Buy something that makes you feel bewitching.


Summer is fleeting so savour it.


The last fleeting days are here so make them count.


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Elegance is refusal

Not all trends work for everyone --learn to pick and chose!The late great designer Coco Chanel said "elegance is refusal," as she draped herself in yards of baroque pearls and weighed down her wrists with gorgeous cuffs and bangles. You would never see her wearing even one extra bauble or anything that wasn’t absolutely her. Chanel had it right; elegance is refusal.
Darlings, the secret of looking fabulous is neither doing nothing nor doing everything. Rather, it is knowing what works for you. You have to know which trends to pick up on, and which to ignore.
The other day my husband pointed out a young woman on her way to work. She could have looked fabulous, but she just missed the mark. She was tall and slender with a nice mane of hair, but her dress was too short for work. It was a micro-mini, and she made it worse it by following the trend for topping her dress with a shorter trench coat. Lately you see this all the time on TV. Female reporters often like to wear three-quarter length coats over longer dresses. This awkward style cuts a woman's height.
What had caught my husband’s eye was the poor girl tottering along precariously on sky-high platforms. We watched as she pitched forward and backwards, every second in danger of breaking her neck. I love my stilettos, but I can run in them if need be. This poor girl could barely take a step. In addition, it was unnecessary; she simply did not need the extra height. She would have looked chicer and more appealing in lower heels and a slightly longer coat.
As a petite curvy woman, you will never see me in jeans, flats, or dropped waists, no matter how trendy. Those items do not work for me.
Trends are fun, but they are not all winners. This season you may want to:
Avoid red eye shadow:
This ridiculous trend reappears every decade and looks good on no one. Just say no.
Enjoy sea green and sky blue nails:
Marine coloured mani-pedis are hot now and look fabulous with jeans and casual clothes. If you work in a conservative environment, try a pretty blue or green on your feet, and perhaps a pretty nude on your nails. Unless you are in a creative field, keep wild nail looks for the weekends. Sally Hanson Salon Effects makes getting outrageous nail looks at home a snap.
Think twice about multi-colored eye makeup:
An overly made-up look in day-glow colours or pastels is a turnoff, which masks your natural beauty. Just say no. Stick to a natural look or a sultry, smoky eye.
Say no to weird lip colours:
Unless you are trying to attract weirdos, do not look like one yourself. This season, avoid Pepto-Bismal pinks, creepy blood reds, and anything magenta.
When choosing, the most flatting fashion trends, let a three-way mirror be your guide:
Never decide on the length for skirts, pants, or shorts without a good side, back, and bend-over view. Err on the side of caution. Short can be sexy, but too short and the world is your gynecologist — and that is not a good look for anyone.
If you stand sideways in a mirror, you can easily see the three most flattering places on your leg to hem your clothes: above the ankle; below the knee; and above the knee. You will also be able to see whether a garment gives a good shape from the side, or if you are pooching out in it.
Darlings, have fun with fashion and beauty, but remember trends come and go like taxis and planes. If one does not suit you, let it go; a better one will come along any minute.

Wear a hat like Kate

Kate Middleton in a face flattering beretNow that the young and fashionable royal fiancée, Kate Middleton, is in the spotlight, you can bet that hats will be hotter than ever. Hats are a fun way to add drama and flair to your look. But there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Never buy a tight hat. It will not only give you hat hair, but you are sure to get a headache.
Small hats that are attached by combs or a headband are called “fascinators”.
They are trendy now and easy to wear.
Hats may be worn indoors by women, but not by men.
If you have a long face, do not buy a hat with too high a crown.
If you are petite, do not wear a very big hat as it will overwhelm you.
Never wear a hat with evening clothes; it looks tacky.
Hats can be practical as well as pretty. Look for crushable berets and sunhats that you can collect. Eric Javits and Tilley make some great ones that can actually pack.

A top costume designer’s tips

Jennifer BryanAre you bored with your look, but not ready to shop so soon after the holidays? Then let Jennifer Bryan, costume designer for the CW hit series The Vampire Diaries, share her style tips. Jennifer has been showing her talents and setting trends week after week. She got her start on Broadway before getting the opportunity to work as a costume supervisor on the highly- regarded film Goodfellas. Director Martin Scorsese noticed Jennifer’s talent and thanked her for the attention to detail she offered to the film’s costumes.

Jennifer has left her stylistic impact on James Cameron’s cult series Dark Angel, which starred Jessica Alba. She also designed NBC’s popular Las Vegas where she created looks for A-list actors Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims, Cheryl Ladd and James Caan. She was recognized for her ability to portray the hot sexy, vibe in a Las Vegas casino.
Try her simple affordable tips to look instantly thinner, hipper and more stylish!