Recessionista chic

One of the easiest ways to look chic on any budget is to be impeccable — and darlings, that includes your wardrobe too. Luckily many summer clothes are washable.

You should wash all your fine washables to cut down on dry cleaning bills, but also because it helps your clothes last longer and smell fresher. Hand-wash items as you wear them, if you don’t have a laundry ensuite. Then you can avoid a depressing build-up to be dragged down to apartment building basements. It’s easy to keep on top of washing if you toss your delicates in sink while you shower or get ready for bed!
If have a laundry ensuite use the delicate cycle and a lingerie bag to wash lingerie, good t-shits and washable silks. Hang up wet garments or lay flat to dry as soon as they finish spinning. Many items require no ironing if handled properly after washing.
For stains and to get things nice and white, try new Spray n’ Wash Bright and White with Resolve Power. I did not much like the original Spray n’ Wash, but this is fabulous. It keeps my whites snowy and brilliant. I live in white T-shirts and skirts in the summer. I wash them constantly, so yellowing can be an issue. It has removed some nasty household stains on other items too. There are no messy, clothes-destroying accidents with this product, unlike with my formerly beloved bleach. It’s not expensive and your clothes look fabulous with little effort. How fabulous is that?