Dress like an A-lister

Leonisa pantiesSticky summer weather can make it tempting to skip shapewear, but think twice. One reason why celebrities always look so fabulous on the red carpet is that their stylists know that the rights undergarments make everything look better. That is why even super-slim stars slip on smoothing panties and underwire bras.
Now, thanks to high-tech fabrics and special construction methods, you won’t even feel weighed down. The Colombian-based intimate apparel brand, Leonisa, helps women achieve the curves most dream of. Comfortable and breathable, Leonisa contours the body while a moisture-wicking layer keeps skin cool and dry.
Full body shaper
I really like the Leonisa brand because they have shapewear for all occasions at incredibly good prices.
Leonisa make sexy bras and pantries with light to medium control, as well as serious shapewear, which actually pull you in by inches. It is the next best thing to lipo.
This summer dress like an A-lister. Wear the right shapewear to enhance your look for special occasions. Depending on your figure you may need may need nothing more than a pair of lightweight body-smoothing panties. If you are very curvy you may want to try body shaper to show your dress and figure off to their best advantage.  
Here are few options to consider:
If you are slender but wearing a clingy or form-fitting outfit control panties or thigh slimmers will ensure smooth line.
If you are curvy a full body shaper may give you a better silhouette for a special occasion.
If you need help with small or less than firm derrière choose shapewear with lift.
If your stomach or waist  bulges look for shapewear that will help hold it in.

Flaunt your legs and your style

Fendi's knit tights make a statement and are cosy too!Here’s DolceDolce’s Amber Burns, with the lowdown on trendy legwear: 

As the winter cold sets in, I’m thrilled that tights have again secured a spot as a staple accessory.  No longer are tights simply used to extend the life of a fabulous cocktail dress or to appease conservative co-workers at the office. 
This season, designers have pushed tights to new levels by incorporating unexpected, yet classically chic, textures and prints. Legwear has come a long way since our mother’s nude hosiery.
Sweater knits covered legs at Fendi  this year.  Rich colours in eye-catching textures graced the runways, complementing impeccably tailored silhouettes.  Sweater knits work great in neutrals as well; a camel-coloured knit pairs perfectly with a chunky Mary Jane heel and a statement-coloured trench.
Bright hosiery is also a hot trend this season.  Remember to mix, not match, patterned shoes and hose.  Create colour schemes that demand attention.  Reference a color wheel to find complementary combinations and dare to be different.  A great leopard pump will pair whimsically with kelly green tights.

Style secrets from the Style network’s new host Jeannie Mai

Jeannie MaiDolceDolce fashionista Melodie Rogers interviewed Jeannie Mai, the new host of How Do I Look?  Melodie asked Jeannie about her personal fashion philosophy and must-have fashion items. How do I Look? is the new makeover show on Style network. You can also catch Jeannie’s makeover magic online.  Her tips are fun and practical, so don’t miss a word from TV’s newest fashion diva.

DD: Congratulations on your new position as host of How do I Look? What inspires you most about the show?
JM: Thanks so much! I’m sparkling with excitement over what’s been happening on How Do I Look?  What I love about the show is that it reminds us how we can celebrate ourselves the first thing every day, because fashion has the power to recognize us where we haven’t.
DD: How important is developing one’s own personal style?
JM: Having your own sense of style is as important as remembering your name, because depending on your style, people will either wait to hear it or leave before you get it out.
DD: What are the top five “must haves” that should be in any fashonista’s closet?
JM: Here are the five staples you need to take your closet from looking “fine” to “fab!”:
1. A solid foundation:
Spanx, seamless panties, or a well-fitted push-up bra. It’s essential to have the foundation for your “lovely lady lumps” (as Fergie would put it) so that everything you place on top can look and feel as flawless as it should!
2. An “anytime top”
Find something that can be worn respectively under a jacket or a fitted blazer for day or work, but can be worn alone after hours. We heart clothing combos that can take you from now to wow.
3. The BBD: Basic BADASS Dress
Badass because it’s 2009, so it doesn’t have to be black anymore. Every woman needs to have a dress that feels flirty, fun, and comfortable, so she can throw it on and go. Wrap dresses in bright colors that are “fun” even when you’re not feeling it are my fave.
4. Genius Jeans
I say genius because if your denim makes you look heavier, wider, or flat in the back, you’re not coming off as smart as your ass should look. Trying on jeans should definitely be a friendly event where you invite the boy, your girlfriend, or even the cute salesman to come and rate your rear. Trust me, the two thumbs up will pay off in the en –literally, ha!
5. Sexy Stilettos
High heels with anything from pants to skirts give you those leg lifts you should have been doing in the gym. It’s illegal to not own a great solid black pair. 2½ inches to anything more than 3 will bring you closer to gorgeous and God.
DD: How often should you update your wardrobe?
JM: The moment you find yourself getting so over what to wear that you end up wanting to order in.
Updating your wardrobe does not mean having to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on new things. It can be as simple as having a “style swap” party with your friends by trading items you’re either over or know you will never wear. Or reorganizing your closet so that you put this season’s colors up front to feel refreshed about your options. Or heading out to a vintage shopping spree of signature bright scarves or camisoles to layer and pop the pieces you already have.
DD: Give us some tips on the types of clothing that will enhance the body type.
For example, what is the importance of choosing a garment with a flattering neckline?
JM: The following are styling staples that work for every woman out there: When jacket shopping, you can create the illusion of a waist with a curved shape or a belted back; A boat neck creates a horizontal line and broadens your shoulders, making yours hips look more narrow; Extra-long necklaces create a leaner line on your entire top half, resulting in a slimmer look; An empire-style top will bring focus to the bust and away from a noticeable belly. Shift dresses slim your waistline; Skirts and dresses cut on the bias are great for taming the tummy area; And, a sheer blouse over a matching opaque tank skims the body so your entire silhouette looks slimmer.
DD: After the participant’s style is revamped on the show, describe the feelings that     some have about their style transition.
JM: Absolute disbelief that they could actually look as beautiful as they should. Every single time. It still always shocks me. Every single woman thinks it’s not her; that it’s all the makeup and clothes. But when you see her head held high as she speaks, her poised posture as she struts, and the smile that can’t leave her face, you see her realize that it was in her all along. The makeover just reminded her.
DD: What are favorite high-end and budget brands?
JM:  For budget brands, I can’t get enough of H&M, Forever, and TopShop in the UK. There’s nothing like a makeshift Marc Jacobs. At the high end; Diane von Furstenberg has brought the woman in me that my husband hasn’t even seen. She gets sexy most of the time without even showing any skin.
Melodie RogersDD: DolceDolce’s motto is life should be sweet. What is a motto that defines you and why?
JM: Don’t tell people who you are, show them.  This is what I live by. And it goes deeper than just fashion. It’s about integrity, character, actions of love … and even when you don’t have any of that to give, a smile says it all. That’s why I love How Do Look? because we teach you how to get that makeover from the inside out.