Style tips from the star of Hair Battle Spectacular

Ashley Stone aka "Blondie"Have you ever wonder about the stylists who do extreme fantasy hair? Ashley Stone aka Blondie is the breakout star of the Oxygen Networks’ Hair Battle Spectacular. Ashley is a successful stylist. She owns Beauty Entourage, a traveling hair and makeup business that styles over 150 weddings a year.

For Ashley’s tips on finding the perfect stylist, as well as the scoop on Hair Battle Spectacular, see our exclusive interview:
DD: What is the best thing about being on Hair Battle Spectacular? And what has been the most stressful?
AS: The best thing about being on Hair Battle Spectacular was being able to use my imagination with an endless supply of hair extensions. Hair extensions can be very expensive, so it limited my creativity in the past on ideas I had because of the cost. In Connecticut, there is really no place to showcase this type of hair, so it can be an expensive hobby. Being on the show, there was no limit, and at any moment there was someone who could see my work and appreciate it.    
The most stressful part of the show was being in such seclusion. I have an amazing support system at home, and a family. Not having them around me made it very difficult at times to keep my focus. My son is a huge source of inspiration for me and he was on my mind every day.
DD: How did you get interested in fantasy hair?
AS:  I was first introduced to Avant Garde hair.  I saw this hair style on a video for Mercedes Benz Fashion week in NYC. I was in awe. I have a ridiculous love for hair and art. Seeing hair (Avant Garde) like this brought the two of those worlds together.
When I began doing my own fashion shows to raise money for charities, I had the idea to try adding this type of hair as part of my finale to make my event memorable. It worked! From then on my hair pieces were the most talked about aspect of every show. Avant Garde hair is more abstract and high fashion. However Fantasy hair is usually much bigger and more literal. I had never done fantasy hair until I was on the show.

DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
AS: My must-haves would have to be: 1) Comfortable high heel leather boots; 2) Black Leggings; 3) A black dress. I’m a stylist! Black is my favorite color.

DD: What is secret to a great makeover?
AS: The secret to a great makeover is the right hair color. The color of your hair can completely change your whole look. The wrong color can wash you out and not complement your style.  The right color can brighten you up and enhance your features and your overall appearance.
DD:  Can you share any tips for finding a great stylist?
AS: I think every stylist should have a portfolio of their work. If they don’t have one, I would recommend setting up a consultation first. There’s nothing wrong with meeting with a new stylist and talking with them to see if you are both on the same page. Also, to see if they are knowledgeable about any questions or concerns you might have about your hair. Another great option is to get a referral from a friend whose hair you love. Word of mouth is the best reputation a stylist can have.

DD: Do you have any great every-day styling tips to share?

AS:  Most hair textures should be washed every other day. It is unnecessary to wash your hair daily. If you have dry hair, washing daily will only increase the dryness. If you are using a shampoo that is stripping your natural oils, your scalp may overproduce these oils, and in turn makes your hair greasier much quicker. I would recommend choosing the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair based on what your needs are. Using the wrong one can contribute or create more problems for your hair.

Once you finish that bottle, if you do not notice a change, don’t continue use. Try something else.  Also, use a clarifying shampoo once a week is ideal to keep from products building up on your hair. The best way to find out what is right for you is by asking a salon professional for a recommendation based on your hair and maintenance.