Tipsy ice cream for dessert

Are you looking for something fabulous, different, and delicious for your next dinner party – as long as it is also fast and easy?

It’s a tall order, but I have a suggestion: Silver Moon Desserts.

Former Silicon Valley executive Sheri Tate quit the high-tech rat race to create liquored-up frozen treats. She has come up with some delicious flavour combos for ice cream and sorbets. The lids say you need to be 21 to buy them. They are sold in trendy west-cost food markets and online and cost a pricy $9.50 a pint. But for a special party, they may be just what you are looking for! And we loved the retro packaging too.
My favourite ice cream flavour was a toss-up between the Praline Irish Cream with Candied Pecan Pralines and Irish Cream and the Coffee with Brownie Bits. We all loved the Pomegranate Martini Sorbet – so refreshing. There are lots of flavours, so check online to see them all, where to buy, and how to order. 
They are also great holiday gift idea for an ice cream lover who has everything. $9.95 a pint and delivered gift boxes $45 to 72.