Love advice from the “naked guru”

Harlan Cohen, the author of the bestselling handbook about surviving university, The Naked Roommate, now takes on subject of dating and falling in love. Cohen provides a guide to the delicate and often maddening business of finding love in his new book Getting Naked. Here are just a few of his tips on navigating modern romance.
1. Embrace "The Secret Truth: The Universal Rejection Truth" (of dating and relationships) says thousands of people will want us, and thousands will not. The moment we can give people permission to not always want us, is the moment we will have the confidence to find the people who do.
2. Train (preferably in a thong): It's time to put on our "physical and emotional thong" and look in the mirror. Make a commitment to changing the things we don't love about ourselves and working to love the things we can't change.  Surround ourselves with people who want us to be happy and want us to be loved.
3. Stop Making Excuses: Look at all the reasons you stopped taking risks in the past and use excuses to find answers.  Stop pretending you’re too busy.  Stop finding reasons not to take a risk and tell a friend you want more.  Stop waiting for people to find you and go after what you want and deserve.  
4. Take the risk: Opportunities are everywhere at work, on planes, on trains, in class, online, and in everywhere we live our daily lives. Harlan shares the stories of how people took the risk and found love
5. Celebrate, Reflect, and Repeat:  Whether you find love or someone, who just isn’t that into you celebrate that, you took the risk.  Then reflect (in your thong) and turn to the people closest to you for support and guidance. Decide if you should take the same risk again or take a new one.  Just keep moving forward and you will find it!