Sex and the Single Girl reprised

Falling for Me by Anna David is a quirky and endearing memoir written by a successful writer who suddenly realizes that she is over 30, but still living like a college student who hasn’t had a promising relationship with man in way too long.  

While in a funk over the state of her life, the protagonist Anna David wanders into a bookstore and discovers Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and The Single Girl. S&SG was Gurley’s phenomenally-successful and scandalous 1960s self-help book for single women. In she advocated that single women should pursue a full life with an elegant apartment and a fabulous wardrobe. She preached thrift, fitness, health food, good sex, flirting, travel, and a great career.
Anna figures she already has a great career, so sets about following HGB’s advice for establishing a full and glam life as a single woman. She learns to cook to attract a man. She decorates her apartment. She finally buys herself a decent sofa and some fabulous curtains. In the process Anna learns to value her self as grown-up stylish, attractive woman.
I loved this humorous look at self-improvement. Single women wrestling with a vague sense of discontent and an inability to cook, decorate, and dress like a grownup will relate to David and her struggles.
Cleverly-written with a light touch, Falling for Me will appeal to single girls everywhere.