If you have been wondering what to wear on your legs when the mercury drops, the answer is simple: black tights. After seasons of bare leg chic, tights are in! Buy them from Wolford or Hue in opaque, satin and shear.


Wolford tights are pricy but feel fabulous and last forever. Hue looks good and is easy on the budget. When in doubt, go up a size for comfort. Both brands have lots of Lycra and won’t bag. If tights are too small, you will tug on them and run them. Wear satin or opaque for day and satin or sheer for evening, when you want coverage and warmth!


Lighten up for holidays

Atwater market Montreal Darlings, consider lightening up for the holidays – and I don’t mean losing weight (although a little weight-watching before the eating season is always a good idea).

I am talking about dropping expectations, resentments, and anything else that will burden you unnecessarily. It had been a tough year for many –if not for you, then perhaps for friends and family. Let it be known no one needs to go all-out for pricey gifts or elaborate entertaining, but don’t go all guilt-tripy if they want to treat. Roll with what comes your way come graciously.
Plan things that are fun and easy to do. No one enjoys a Scrooge, and you won’t enjoy being one. Do whatever you do with a happy heart, elegance, and grace.
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 Gracey Hitchcock
Gracey Hitchcock
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