Style tips for a smooth transition

Tights, lacy or plain, can help to update your look for fallDeciding what to wear as you transition from summer to fall can be tricky. One day it is hot and sticky, and the next it can be cool or wet. Style expert and fashion designer Claudia Patel has tips to make getting dressed as the season change easier. Her style suggestions will also help you to creatively stretch your wardrobe.
Here are Claudia’s tips:
Add tights to summer dresses
With so many fun options for colored and textured tights these days, you can get really creative with your dress collection. Pair unexpected colors and patterns for a fresh, fashion-forward look, utilizing the dresses you’ve worn all summer long.
Pair summer sandals with fall ensembles
The transition between summer and fall leaves a lot of room for fashion rules to go out the window. Pair a decidedly fall outfit with sandals to keep things interesting, and take your outfit to the next level of fun. Nothing is more sophisticated than a skinny jean with a high, open heel.
Fall into color
Bringing in classic fall tones, like oranges, reds, and rusts are so flattering on summer styles. Start to transition to these colors with your summer wardrobe and you’ll fall into the part in no time.
Accessorize with purpose
Scarves are just about the most flexible accessory you can wear. Take summer outfits into fall by adding a light scarf or wear one with a fall ensemble to bring it all together. Either way, you’re making a serious style statement that’s both flattering and fun, and also keeps you warm when that unexpected fall chill enters the air.
Bare at least one area
It’s important to balance out your look when you’re transitioning your wardrobe. For instance, wear a tee-shirt with skinny jeans and a scarf, baring your arms on a warmer day, or go with a dress that exposes your legs but has long sleeves for cooler temperatures. Looking chic is about fashion equilibrium.
Fashion is fun, and expressing your personality should always be your ultimate goal when it comes to putting together your look. Transitioning doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new wardrobe, just as long as you know the tricks to pairing unexpected items together!

Must-have fashion tips for fall

David A. McKnightDo you want to know how to stretch your summer wardrobe into the fall without looking tacky? Have you ever wondered how to look sexy without crossing the line to slutty? Top New York stylist David A. McKnight gives DolceDolce readers the lowdown on how to look like a diva instead of a disaster. He shares his list of favourite sources for hot looks on a budget too — as well as when a lady should really splash out!

DD: Do you have a few tips to dress up a simple sun dress or jeans to make them more special for an evening out at a resort or for a casual dinner in the city?
DMcK: Regardless of the temperature, accessories are key to an outfit. They can make a boring look come to life! When the temperatures start to dip and you want to squeeze a few more wears out of your favorite sundress, simply add a cropped denim jacket and some studded boots for a look that is city chic and autumn ready. With your favorite jeans, wear a simple plain white tank top with a fitted blazer, but go heavy on the accessories or wear a chunky choker for drama. 
DD: As we move into fall, which clothes can transition and how? I loathe the tips that tell women to put a turtleneck and tights under a cotton sun dress — it always looks so silly and sad. What’s a better solution?
DMcK:  Shorts will be big this fall. If you have a pair of elegantly-tailored dress shorts, you can easily transition them into the fall by pairing them with opaque hose and a bootie boot. This look screams sophistication and exudes style without aging the woman. Another look you can go for is denim shorts that come to your knees. Pair it with stilettos. Wear a form-fitting blouse and you can even pair it with necklaces and bangles for a rock-chic look.
DD: How important are hose this fall?  What do you suggest women buy to stock a hosiery wardrobe?
DMcK: Hose are one of the must have accessories for fall. These are not your grandma’s hose that came in an egg-shaped container, but rather they are opaque, textured, patterned, lace, or even sequined.   You can’t go wrong by wearing a pair with a mini-dress or winter shorts.
DD: What do you think is the must-have shoe or boot for fall, and what are the best ways to wear it?
DMcK:  Platform pumps and thigh-high boots are a must this fall for any trend-driven woman. Either shoe will suit a long-sleeve mini-dress. I also love to see a stylish lady wearing a skinny dress pant with a platform pump.
DD:  Are there key accessories that women can buy that will instantly update them this fall that won’t cost a fortune, and how should they wear them?
DMcK:  Believe it or not, I suggest investing in a pair of shoulder pads for a couple of bucks. The strong powerful shoulders of the eighties are back big time. Add the pads to a shirt or dress and be instantly transformed. The woman of the old TV show Dynasty would be envious. 
DD: What are the three most important items women should spurge on this fall?
DMcK: A pair of leather shorts or pants; an unstructured and slouchy winter coat; and dramatically long leather gloves. Oh, did I mention leather?
DD:  What are your favorite high-end and budget brands or designers this fall?
DMcK:  Everyone is hopping on the budget bandwagon these days: Rodarte for Target, BCBG for Walmart, Jimmy Choo for H&M, Christian Siriano for Payless. I think this may be the beginning of a lasting trend. I just pray that Christian Louboutin, my favorite high-end shoe designer, doesn’t develop a line for Kmart!
DD: The challenge for many women today is to look sexy and special, but not too dressed-up. The dress code at so many events, or even for dinner/drink dates, is so confusing it is hard to know what to wear. A woman wants to look fabulous, but not as if she is trying too hard. As a stylist and a man, what tips can you offer?
DMcK:  My best advice to women trying to look sexy is to keep it simple! So many women overdo everything, from make-up to hair to jewelry to clothes. They often forget how to balance. That means only one element of a woman’s appearance should stand out, and everything else should be understated. Also, a woman should never reveal more than one part of her body. If you want to wear a mini-dress and show off your legs, keep your arms and breasts covered. 
But for the woman with the active social life, it’s all about versatility. You can never go wrong with the simple black dress. You can wear it during the day with limited accessories. Try wearing a colored silk scarf as a belt with flat shoes. When you’re ready to go to your gala, pair the black dress with stilettos, diamond earrings, and perhaps a diamond choker.
David was a guest on this online style show with Tim Gun
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