Fall beauty must-have

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Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro is a new combination all-purpose, long-wearing makeup you can use to line and shadow your eyes, do your brows, and even touch-up your roots.

“I wanted to offer women an innovative product inspired by my needs backstage on Giorgio Armani fashion shows,” says Linda Cantello, who created the line for Armani, “a product that does all, that would be fast and faultless when applied, long-lasting, and fault-proof.” The results are stunning. There are nine shades that range from black to gold in neutrals that have depth and glow.Browmaestro.jpg

Unlike many other neutral shadows this makeup is far from dull or quiet. The look is soft and flattering as well and sexy and sophisticated. The pots of shadows are applied with brushes and can be built to various levels of intensity as liner, brow makeup and shadow. Two or three will give any woman all the looks she needs, from au naturel to drop-dead glamourous.

The shadows are priced at $34