Trend alert: Capes!

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Piazza Sempione Belted Cape Jacket for $2999, will flatter almost everyone

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If your wardrobe needs an injection of excitement this fall consider adding a cape. Capes are the most deliciously dramatic new trend of the season. From mod to baroque, capes and sweeping cape coats are the cover-up du jour. 

Capes are practical too. They are the perfect fall cover-up when you need something warmer than a sweater, but not quite as heavy as a full winter coat. Or, you can invest in a heavy cape that will see through cold winter storms. 

There are so many different styles available this year it can be hard to choose the right one. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect fit: 

_hm belted cape

H&M Belted Cape for $59. is very sharp.


Victoria Beckham Denim’s cape coat with leather trimmed military details is an investment. It is made from heavy wool and fastens completely, making it warm and cozy. The styling, details, and materials used in this coat make it a classic that will last for many years. It comes in navy blue wool for $995.


Yves St. Laurent “Le Smoking” Cape in satin-backed wool is a classic


DKNY leather trimmed cape is made of wool twill.


A simple but elegant cape is the perfect solution for evening.  Saint Laurent’s Signature Le Smoking Cape is the definitive evening cape.  This cape is made from the same fine satin backed wool crepe used for tuxedos, or as the
French call them, “le smoking”. Le Smoking from Yves St. Laurent is $2,750. The H&M Paris Collection cape would also work for evening at more modest price of just under $100. And of course there are many options available in between.


Tips to choose a perfect cape: 

Consider what you will wear it over. If you plan to wear it often then a solid pattern and colour may be easier to work with unless you know all your pants and skirts are plain. 

Choose a shape and length that does not overwhelm you. 

We are only in September. If you want to wear your cape all season or into winter, be sure it is warm enough and closes securely.  Many cute capes are made of very light wool and not warm for anything less than a cool breeze. 

Even narrowly-cut capes are best worn over slim trousers and narrow skirts.  Wearing a cape over full-cut pants and skirts will give you a wide, matronly look. 

Even though capes are very trendy now, a cape is a classic wardrobe item that you can enjoy wearing for years.