Fabulous skin at any age

Decade-by-decade anti-aging tips from Dr. Jeannette GrafWomen always ask me the secret to great skin. It’s a good question, because today there is no reason not to have fabulous skin. A woman can improve her skin and get a healthy glow many ways — no matter her age or budget. 

Good products at every price
The good news is that good products are available at every price. If you think you need a big beauty budget to have beautiful skin – forget it. Some of the best cutting-edge research in skin care is done by the makers of Olay, Neutrogena, and other fabulously-effective products you can find right in your drug store.
Darlings, I love and use luxe lines too. I wouldn’t want to live without a few of them. The top luxury cosmetic firms also do incredible scientific research to formulate their anti-aging products. Doctors have created some of my favourite products. The trick is finding products that work for you and your budget. For me, that means a mix of things from different lines.
Decade-by-decade tips from an expert
Skin changes as you age and so do your skin care needs. I always rely on experts to guide me in my skin care and anti-aging regimes, so I asked Dr. Jeannette Graf to give DolceDolce readers her decade-by-decade tips for anti-aging.  Dr. Graf is an internationally-renowned expert in dermatology and anti-aging. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living.
20s – Protection
·        Sun protection must be a daily habit
·        Anti-oxidants in AM
·        The earliest signs of aging
30s – Revitalizing the skin
·        Begin to perform regular exfoliation
·        Retinol
40’s – Radiance
·        PHAs (gluconolactone)
·        Add pentapeptide products to regimen for wrinkles
50’s – Elasticity
·        Continue regimen
·        Add phytoestrogen for menopausal skin. Phytoestrogen contain ingredients such as soy or phytoage – both plant derived estrogens.
·        Continue PHA’s, Pentapeptides, PHA’s and retinol
Age 60 – Moisturization and sagging becomes worse
·        Using a thick rich collagen cream and continuing phytoestrogen as well as firming masks with algae, copper and collagen
Learn to read labels
The ingredients that Dr. Graf recommends, Retinol, PHAs (gluconolactone) and pentapeptide, are readily available in a wide range of products. It is important to learn to read labels. We review the very best from luxe to drug store brands weekly. We don’t bother with the bad or boring. To find our reviews, search on Google or Bing under DolceDolce and the product name for fast results.
Masks with copper and collagen can be difficult to find. I was introduced to them in Moscow. Even though I was now where near 60, they were recommended to help cell renewal. When I moved back here, the only one I was able find was Dr. Graf’s Vita Peptide Copper Collagen Infusion. I have used it for years, long before I ever spoke to Dr. Graf. It firms my skin and gives it a glow I really like. I also like the Olay Professional ProX Intensive Firming Treatment Kit with its firming masks. They leave skin plumper and firmer looking.
Today’s products are nothing short of miracle workers. There is also almost no end to what a good doctor can do for you with non-invasive procedures, should you choose that route. Even if you have scars from acne or serious sun damage, don’t despair; there are excellent fading creams and home peels. They give good results if you use them carefully and regularly. Do research and ask questions. If the department store lines are out of your budget, find a drug store with a beauty center – CVS in the U.S. has them. The staff is trained to know the products. At a department store, walk around and ask questions. Do research beforehand. Don’t let one person latch on and sell you one line; it may not be what you need. Also investigate online shopping for the professional/medical lines we often review and recommend. And feel to email us at domore@dolcedolce.com. We will try help you find your dream product. Darlings, there really is something for everyone.
Remember good products are only part of the good skin equation. Good nutrition and exercise are equally vital to getting a glow on. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants is as important as applying them to your skin. A diet rich in Omega 3 oil, protein, and citrus will also help you have great skin and hair, too. Did you know that Omega 3 oil can help to moisturize skin from the inside out, as well as help to minimize break outs? And don’t forget your citrus. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen – the stuff that holds your face up.  Good nutrition shows on your face as well as your hips. Eat too many donuts darling – and you’ll look like one. That is beauty karma. Remember all things in moderation!
And get moving. Exercise does more than bring a pretty blush to your cheeks! Regular vigorous exercise actually changes the way your blood flows, and that helps make your skin younger and more vital-looking. You will look younger for many reasons when you work out regularly. If you exercise outside, use a good sun screen and reapply.
Darlings, there has never been a better time to be a woman. Beauty has never been more accessible. Revel in yours!