Tips from a lash maven

Linda Ticel's "Goddess Lashes"Linda Tical is an eyelash maven. Linda has worked with such celebrities as Blake Lively, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian among others. There is nothing Linda doesn’t know about making the most of your fringe through lash tinting, lash dipping, and lash extensions, and how to apply false lashes.
Linda even has her own line of 100 percent real mink lashes. According to Linda, her Goddess Mink lashes offer superb shine and a feathery feel that synthetic lashes cannot duplicate.
To find out everything you need to know about making the most of your lashes don’t miss a word of this informative DolceDolce interview:
DD: Is lash tinting safe? Does it make a difference?
LT: Yes! Lash tinting is very safe when done by a professional! The vegetable dye is much gentler and is made specifically for brows and lashes. It makes a huge difference especially on blondes and light-haired people. Tinting takes lashes from washed-out and brows to looking fuller and mire intense.
What is lash dipping? How long does it last? Does it flake?
LT: Lash dipping is the coating of the lashes with a professional black solution that makes your lashes appear thicker, longer, curvier, and darker, resembling the look you get when you wear mascara. It last a few weeks depending on the client’s lifestyle. It does flake a bit after a few weeks; when it does it is time for a re-dip appointment.
DD: What is the difference between different types of lash extensions?
LT:  The main difference is the lash material which can vary from synthetic lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes, tapered lashes, authentic mink fur lashes. Other differences are their curvature, thickness, and length.
DD: Do lash extensions damage your own lashes?
LT:  Not at all, if it’s done by a professional lash stylist who would choose the best fit for your natural lashes. You will not experience any damage.
DD: How long do lash extensions last? 
LT:They can for about one to one-and-a-half months, as long as you get them refilled.
DD: Are there any tricks to applying false lashes?
LT: Practice! Cut lash strips to your eye size if needed, and wait until the glue gets tacky before applying the strip!
DD: How long can you keep on false lashes once you have applied them?
LT: False lashes, I would say will last for one day and night. Lash extensions will last forever as long as you refill them!
DD: What is better for applying lashes, clear or dark lash adhesive?
LT: Both work very well. The white dries clear.
DD: How long do false lashes last and how should you care for them?
LT: My signature mink lashes can last up to 20 wearing with tender loving care. Remove all oil and glue and then store them in your keepsake box.
DD: What is the best treatment for thin or brittle lashes?
LT: I suggest clients with very thin lashes start using lash fortifier daily as well as hair-skin-nails vitamins. If they opt for lash extensions, make sure they get the appropriate thickness and length that will not put any stress on their natural lashes. And when they use lash strips, I tell them to be gentle when they remove them.