Instant results

New Exten-10 Youth Boosting Moisturizer makes big promises. It claims it can make your skin look years younger in four weeks. Can it? I don’t know. I have always found those types of claims hard to prove. How your skin looks and how much better it will look is subjective. It also depends on how it looks when you begin to use a product. That being said, this is an interesting product for just under $40.

It contains HA Brightening Blend, to make your skin look instantly better. It’s a combination of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid with an added brightening technology. Hyaluronic acid is hands-down the best hydrator I have found.
Sirtuin Power Complex supports the skin’s natural stimulation of proteins, boosting its ability to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles with impressive results. It also helps skin resist daily, aging stresses to prevent future damage. This is an ingredient found in many expensive creams.