Expert tips to avoid a nasty flu or cold

 No one wants the flu. Even if you are healthy, a bad case can knock you out for almost two weeks — and you will feel awful! 

The symptoms are nasty: high fever, chest discomfort, chills and sweats, extreme fatigue, dry cough, and a feeling of general malaise and exhaustion.
According to celebrity nutritionist Carl Germano, “there are 200 types of viruses that cause flu and cough. They spread due to the cough and sneeze of the affected person. Keep yourself safe, stay away from those who are coughing, and if it’s you, do your best to cover up”.
Here are Carl’s tips to avoid the flu:
·        Wash your hands! I know this sounds redundant but it’s important to wash your hands after interactions with other people who could be sick. Something so simple can go a long way to make sure you’re not stuck in bed with a fever.
·        Wipe down your phones and computer. When is the last time you cleaned a phone and keyboard at work, not to mention a cell phone that you are on constantly? All these things are used so often and never cleaned. Taking the extra three minutes will help you avoid unnecessary germs.
·        Eat Healthfully. Unfortunately, chips and soda won’t do anything to help arm your body with protection against the flu. Our bodies rely on the vitamins and minerals from foods to perform at the optimal level. Be sure to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding packaged, preservative-loaded foods. Reach for the freshest, natural foods to equip your body with what it needs to stay healthy. Taking Vitamin C daily will also help a lot.
·        No matter your age, even if you think you are in great heath, go out and get a flu shot. They are now offered in most drug stores. They are cheap considering what they can prevent. Check online to see where they are offered and when you can get one. While it will not prevent the flu 100 percent of the time, it will help your body fight it off, if you do get it.
DolceDolce note
It is still not too late to get a flu shot. It takes about 10 days to fully develop your immunity. A flu shot will not make you ill or weaken your immunity. But if you are already ill or exposed to different strain of flu, then the shot covers. Even if you get the shot, you may fall ill. But that is not because you got a flu shot!
·        Get Some Sleep. As if getting enough sleep on a normal basis isn’t hard enough, during flu season it will be vital to staying healthy and feeling good every day. Carl suggests getting eight to 10 hours sleep a night.