Shape-up for the holidays!

The holiday season is time to celebrate. Who doesn’t want to shine a bit at parties and celebrations? But it is hard to look fabulous if you are not in shape. And being in shape doesn’t need to mean thin, but it does mean toned and fit. Don’t despair, there’s still time to get in shape if you start now. You can tone, tighten, and boost your energy with Exhale: Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow.

This DVD class is a 50-minute combination of yoga, cardio, and core conditioning. I know it works; I do an Exhale Core Fusion workout five days a week.
You can do the whole 50-minute class or just one of the 10-minute segments. There a three-bonus segments also. The DVDs are just like the classes.
There is an entire series of Core Fusion DVDs based on the popular Exhale Spa classes. Try it, darlings! I always say, you have nothing to lose but your thighs.