Sleep softly

Sleep on satin for hair and skinDo you wake up with your hair a snarled mess or with creases in your face? It could be your pillow case. Tossing and turning can damage fragile hair. And rough fibers can leave creases in your skin. Some anti-aging experts advise sleeping on your back to avoid this. Some women tie their hair up each night to avoid snarls. I can’t get used to sleeping on my back – and it is the position you are most likely to snore in. And who wants tie their hair up every night? So why not sleep on satin instead. Silk and satin let your hair and skin glide over the pillow. Your hair will be free of snarls and you’ll awake with smooth creaseless cheeks.

Evolve makes a satin zip pillowcases you can find inexpensively for less than $10 at pharmacy and big box stores. According to Firstline, Evolve’s manufacturer, they are made for the “ethnic market,” but I think they are fabulous for anyone with coloured or processed hair. I am not sure what they are made from, but they are slippery enough to protect hair and wash well. Evolve also makes very cute and trendy head-bands. Their Wild Life Silky Knot headband is adorable. It is also a great way to tie back your hair and not damage it. Look for them in the hair accessory department of any drugstore or big box store.
Spasilk pillowcases are pure silk and cost about $14. They are perfect at protecting hair and skin. Silk moisturizes skin and hair as you sleep and prevents damage.
If you decide to try a silk pillowcase, buy several of them. They need to be scrupulously clean to benefit your skin. Also, buy only white or natural, to avoid dyes on your delicate skin.