The dos and don’ts of regifting

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Thursday is National Regifting Day.

Some people gasp at the idea of a regift and others like mega-celebrity Tyra Banks, are all for it. I think it is fine under certain conditions. I can’t imagine giving away any gift from a close friend. I also think it is important to make sure all gifts are something the recipient will love. Some of the best gifts I have received have been regifts – and I knew it because I was told. I really didn’t care at all. The gifts were fabulous – jewelry, designer clothes, gadgets, furs, and even a trip. They were all given with love and things I adored. Some were passed on as a legacy and others were swag from very lavish events. In all cases I just felt like a lucky lady.

, author, and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach is against regifting. But, she stresses, “the most important thing is to keep organized, as giving an obvious regift to someone can be humiliating”.

Here are her tips to keep regifting in the spirit of giving:

Designate a space for potential regifts. Keep a stockpile of gifts you’ve received throughout the year that you don’t want or haven’t used. You’ll be able to pull one from the pile when you find the perfect recipient or when someone surprises you with a gift. Keep items in plastic bags to avoid dust and fading from sun exposure.

Don’t include any gifts you’ve used or opened. The item you plan to pass along should be in good condition. Ideally you’ll want to give the gift in the original box with the seal intact. If you plan to give a perishable item, check the expiration date to make sure it is still fresh.

Ensure the item is worthy of regifting. Be sure the person will enjoy and appreciate the gift. Promotional items or free swag bags from someone else’s company should not be re-gifted to anyone unless you plan to participate in a gag gift exchange.

Remove the evidence. Before you regift, remove the original card that may be tucked inside the gift.

Rewrap the item. The gift should look brand new. Use fresh wrapping paper and include a personalized card. There’s no need to announce the item is a regift to the recipient.

Don’t regift in the same social circles. Make sure the person receiving the gift doesn’t know the person who originally gave you the gift. To prevent a mistake, jot down when you received it and who gave it to you.

Know when you can’t regift. Ensure the receiver of your present will enjoy the gift. If you have a pile of unwanted fruitcakes and tacky holiday sweaters, it’s probably time to dump them or donate them to your favorite charity.

Don’t feel guilty. If you’ve followed all the guidelines above, you’ll avoid wasting a gift while giving the recipient a present they’ll love. When done correctly, there’s no shame in regifting.

DolceDolce note

Some swag – if you are lucky enough to be on the right lists – includes pricey cellphones, designer bags, and other lovely items. This swag is excellent for re-gifting.