Weightless make-up

Vapour Organic Beauty is a line of eco-friendly, high-performance cosmetic and skin care products. The line’s designers have replaced brushes and applicators with roll-on sticks that are easy to use and carry.

Vapour is the result of collaboration between an artisanal cosmetic laboratory and Eric Sakas, a top make-up professional.
According to the company, “the Vapour difference is rooted in its signature therapeutic treatment base of certified organic, light, dry plant oils that are non-comedogenic to provide deep moisture and anti-oxidant protection to the skin.  Pure mineral pigments are infused in the base of the cosmetics, which creates a breathable layer that moves and adjusts with the skin as opposed to lying flat on top.  This movement allows for a delicate ‘play of light’ or shimmer that gives the skin a natural-looking radiance”.
I love the lightness of these products and the way they illuminate my skin. They mask small flaws with light as opposed to heavy make-up. The essential oils they contain make them smell delicious, and help keep skin moist and dewy for hours. Vapour feels absolutely weightless on my skin.
Eric Vakas offers his personal make-up tips to use with Vapour, or you can adapt them to your routine:
For an instant mini-lift, try using a shade of foundation one shade darker than the foundation that you use on your face to contour the neck. Apply right below the jaw line and blend downward on the neck.  This gives the appearance of a more defined jaw-line.  Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is the perfect tool to achieve this look because the creamy formulas don’t show any lines of demarcation.
For a foolproof solution to achieve brighter eyes, sweep a peachy pink shadow on the lid and a cream-colored shadow with a bit of shimmer on the brow bone. This works on all skin tones for a perfect natural eye opener. 
A fuchsia-colored blush is the perfect pop to brighten up your face. All you need is just a dab on the apples of your cheeks! Try Vapour Aura Blush in Torch. “Swept upwards across the cheeks, our Shimmer Multi Use Blushes create freshly-flushed cheeks with a hint of radiance. For a sexy look, dab a little shimmery blush on the highest point of your cheekbone, brow bone, and a touch on your lips.” 
A dash of shimmer in Lip Adore adds depth and dimension to the lips to make them look fuller and more defined. Plus it also works double-duty by providing long-lasting color as well as deep hydration for beautiful and soft lips all day long.”