Luminous skin, the Japanese way

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Equitance skin care was founded in Japan 18 years ago. The line’s focus is to create radiant, luminous skin. A flawless complexion is highly valued in the East. Skin care is the basis of the Asian woman’s beauty régime.

Equitance Skin Care utilizes the best of Eastern and Western knowledge to combine “balanced botanicals and clinically proven technology together to continuously brighten the skin”. 

According to the company, “excess melanin production is the root cause of dark spots and discolorations, as well as the slowing of the ‘turnover’ process that discharges melanin from the skin.” Equitance approaches the problem with both topical products as well as vitamin supplements.

I recently tried their Brightening Serum & Spot Corrector. It is designed to “zero in on hyperpigmentation and dark discoloration” with linoleic acid from safflower oil, a stable form of Vitamin C, as well as skin-brightening botanicals. The result is brighter, more even skin tone without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals. It costs $125.

I also tried their Hydrating Brightening Cream. This light but rich cream contains a cocktail of clinically-proven brightening ingredients such as Linoleic Acid from safflower seed oil, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate from licorice, yogurt extract,  and shell ginger extract, which is derived from the Japanese alpinia speciosa leaf.  There is also shea butter and cherry blossom leaf extract from the Japanese sakura tree to soothe, soften. and help protect skin. It costs $70.

The company uses “microcapsules, also known as Liposomes” as the main components of their patented delivery system.  

Equitance has designed complete skin care regimes complete with supplements for different skin types. You can buy a trial or travel version for $37. Or you can add one or two products to your current régime.

This is a beautiful, luxurious skin care line and very good value.

If hyperpigmentation and anti-aging are your beauty issues, this one to try.