What is behind Hollywood’s big chop?


Jennifer Aniston chopped her famous locks.

Chenoweth, and Beyoncé, have chopped their signature locks. Jennifer Aniston, whose hairstyles are as famous as she is, made news by cutting her shoulder-length tresses into a short bob – not a pixie as many have reported. 

What is driving all of these A-list stars to cut their hair?  As you may imagine there is more than meets the eye. Hair is a woman’s growing glory, and how she wears her hair is a statement. According to experts, when a woman suddenly cuts her hair short she is sending a message. Don’t assume she is rejecting sex but she is most likely making a major life change.


Or, she may have damaged her hair with the wrong chemical treatment, or just had too many of them all at once. Jennifer Aniston finally told ElleUK that she had to cut her hair because of damage from a keratin treatment called the Brazilian Blowout. 

Jennifer Lawrence also fessed up, telling interviewers that hair abuse was why she got her hair cut. Her hair had been dyed and re-dyed for different roles, and in her words was “fried.” 

Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson and Broadway and TV star Kristin Chenoweth explained their new dos as a “need for change.” Anderson told talk show host Ellen she felt her hair “had had life,” and she wanted to put that behind her and “start fresh.”  Kristin Chenoweth credits JLo for giving her the courage to “make a change” after the two women had a heart-to-heart chat while before working together on a film. Chenoweth also described herself as “slave to long hair.” It is interesting to note that Chenoweth suffered a near-fatal accident on the set The Good Wife last year that fractured her skull and crushed her ribs. It took a long time to recover. 

As cute Kristin Chenoweth said, hair grows back, but a drastic change you are not ready for can be traumatic, so stop and think – and if it is right for you go for it. After all, sexy Sharon Stone, Ellen Barkin, and Charlize Theron all rocked in their short cuts.