Celebrity anti-aging secret

Jennifer Lopez is a fan of  Biocollasis Total Regeneration Ultimate Cellular ConcentrateYou need an extremely powerful serum to slow down the aging processes. That’s why Elizabeth Grant created Biocollasis Total Regeneration Ultimate Cellular Concentrate. Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, and Leighton Meester know how important it is to stop the first signs of aging in its tracks. That is why they all use it -and so do I. 

The Ultimate Cellular Concentrate combines pure Torricelumn, Elizabeth Grant’s exclusive moisturizing anti-aging compound, with an intensive concentration of plant stem cells. Stem cells can turn cells from any type of organ, including skin, into younger cells. As stem cells are very delicate, it is essential that the delivery system does not counteract or destroy this cell repair process. Ultimate Cellular Concentrate contains plant stem cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber, or the rare Swiss apple, used in so many extremely expensive skin care products. The Swiss apple is known for its amazing keeping and regenerative properties. It has been clinically tested and found to help delay the aging of essential epidermal skin cells and combat the look of chronological aging. The exclusive and luxurious formula also contains a natural resin from the Baobab Tree, to boost skin’s moisture. In Africa it is called the “Tree of Life". The Baobab tree survives the dry season by conserving large amounts of water. Its massive trunk, up to 10 meters in diameter, is a reservoir. Its leaves contain the resin that binds water tenaciously, making this a superb skin hydrator.

The Ultimate Cellular Concentrate also contains ceramides and sodium hyaluronate to plump and smooth skin instantly.
This is a luxurious and effective product. Try it for a few days and you will quickly see why it has become a celebrity favourite.

A beautiful inspiration

Have you heard of Elizabeth Grant? She single-handedly built a beauty empire to rival any. You may have seen her on the various shopping channels. She is in her eighties, but she remains one of the best advertisements for her own products — and she still appears regularly to sell them.

Now you can read her amazing story: Elizabeth Grant: My Life Story, A Memoir By Marion Suzanne Witz and Carol Krenz. I couldn’t put it down. This is not a book just for beauty junkies, but for any woman entrepreneur, or anyone who has faced adversity.
Elizabeth Grant was born into a comfortable upper middle-class home in London in the early 1900s. Her parents doted on her and her sister. Life was lovely until her father died. She was then thrown into a harsh Dickensian childhood. She was beaten and often hungry, yet she never felt sorry for herself. She went to work at 13 and thrived.
Eventually, Elizabeth became a theatrical make-up artist working in the British film industry. She made up famous movie stars such as Vivien Leigh. She also modeled and enjoyed the life of a busy young women in prewar England. She was an attractive young woman when World War One broke out. London was targeted with a hail of nightly bombs during the dreaded blitz. Grant was horribly scarred in an explosion that also left her deaf in one ear.
This accident also led to her greatest accomplishment, Elizabeth Grant Cosmetics. The company grew from her discovery of Torricelumn, a regenerative marine compound, which she discovered in her quest to heal own scarred face.
It was just the beginning of an amazing story that took her to South Africa and finally Canada. Along the way Elizabeth married, had children, and built her beauty empire. This book is on my must-read list. Put it on yours too.



Instant results

Elizabeth Grant BioCollasis Total Regeneration Wrinkle Repair Concentrate is a super-charged concentrated serum that has an intense rejuvenating effect on the skin. It migrates to the lines. Microscopic molecules are activated and double in volume. This has the effect of naturally filling the lines, smoothing the skin, and reducing the depth and volume of wrinkles.

It contains an intense concentration of pure Torricelumn, a freshly-harvested precious marine collagen to protect the skin at the surface. It also contains vacuum-infused peptides harvested from the frozen waters of icebergs. They help smooth out lines and wrinkles and defend the skin against future lines.
I became addicted to this weightless serum the first time I used it. The tiniest amount instantly plumps up skin and makes your face look dewy fresh for hours. It is almost like a plumping injection. www.elizabethgrant.com 

Uplift through beauty

Margot and Elizabeth Grant support Wear White for WindfallJanuary 28th is WW4W Day, when Torontonians are asked to wear something white and donate $4 to raise awareness about poverty. WW4W, or “Wear White for Windfall” refers to a registered charity called Windfall Clothing Service, Canada‘s only new-clothing and basic-needs bank. It distributes unused garments and other necessities free of charge to Toronto’s neediest citizens through partnerships with 90 social service agencies.

Throughout January, fundraising initiatives take place around the city to raise money in support of the WW4W campaign. Elizabeth Grant International has made a month-long commitment to the vital cause. It’s donating 50 percent of the proceeds from its January sales of its Finishing Touch Make-Up Primer.
Elizabeth Grant Finishing TouchCelebrities and Hollywood make-up artists adore this primer. It helps you achieve a porcelain-finish and a healthy fresh glow. Kim Kardashian, Rosario Dawson, Natasha Beddingfield, Haylie Duff, and Jessica Biel are fans. Now you can try this fabulous product and help a fabulous cause too. Don’t miss our review next week of this amazing product. It is one of the best we have seen!
"No one grows up dreaming of living on the streets, and that is why we give back,” says Margot Grant, Public Relations and Marketing Manager of Elizabeth Grant International. “This is the third consecutive year that Elizabeth Grant Skin Care has taken part in the WW4W campaign and we are proud to help raise funds and awareness about Windfall’s anti-poverty work."
New clothing and a helping hand are essential to the self-esteem of those facing tough times. Please support this important initiative.