Elan vital

Fitness is a fact of life. I have wished many times that I was born a naturally-sporty type of girl who loved the outdoors, tennis, swimming, horses, and all types of perpetual motion.

I am not. I loathe most sports. It’s sad but true, although I do not begrudge others. I had a childhood full of lessons that included swimming, tennis, skating and the like. Not much was neglected. I have fond memories of skating which may be why, along with growing up on Boston and going to school in Montréal, that hockey is the only sport I actually understand.
I joke that yoga is my sport. I do adore it, hot, fast and hard. I also like a good workout with weights. I miss my ladies-only gym and my beloved stiletto strolls. Fitness is not a choice if you want to have élan vital – a vital impetus to live and grow — after forty, in spite of one’s avocations. Nor alas is vanity. All this is harder if you don’t start working on it earlier. Thank heavens, the experts have told us that quick and dirty will get the job done.
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Gracey Hitchcock
Photo by: www.yanka.ca
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