Asian beauty secret

Ecotools spongeClick on the top title to open and scroll Beauty mavens have been buzzing for the last decade about Asian skin care secrets. A flawless complexion is considered a must by beauties in the East and their skin care rituals are legendary.

Sponges made from Konjac vegetable fibers have uses for decades in Japan and Korea. These natural sponges thoroughly clean and gently exfoliate skin for a smooth and glowing complexion. They can even be used without soap.

EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge is made in the same tradition from pure Konjac vegetable fibers. I tried a sample of the little sponges which are available in two types:  Deep Cleansing and Sensitive Skin. Unless you are ultra-sensitive, the deep cleansing is fine for most of us.  I have very sensitive, fair skin and found the grey deep-cleansing sponge is very soft and gentle when wet. This sponge is great for removing blackheads and removing impurities. They cost less than $6 drugstores and Ulta.