Simply the best

Fragrant tea eco-packed in linen sacks with self-pack teabagsI adore a good cup of jasmine tea so much I have spent a small fortune on it over the years. Recently, I tried fabulous Smooth Jasmine Green Tea from Village Tea. Really darlings, this smooth, floral and fresh brew is the best I have had in quite a while — all you could want in jasmine tea and more. The green packaging keeps the tea fresh while being totally recyclable and reusable. The brilliant concept consists of three neat little linen bags; you serve the tea from them into teabags Village Tea gives you to make single non-messy servings. A large canister costs $11.95, which is not pricey for this type and quality of tea.

If you are not mad for jasmine green tea, they have many of other varieties such as Rooibos, Earl Grey, White Tea, and a tea sampler. Village Tea is all about good things to drink. That is why they are the hot celebrity tea at the Sundance Film Festival and other events. Remember, this makes a great gift for friends on March 8th, International Women’s Day!