What Eve knew

The special swiss appleIt seems an apple may have been the thing most women would have picked in the Garden of Eden, or at least a rare Swiss Apple called the Uttwiler Spatlauber. This “Super Apple” is so rare that only 20 trees exist. Researchers noted that when these super apples were punctured, they healed themselves. Apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites that help the longevity of skin cells.

Using plant cell cultures to maintain skin stem cells is a breakthrough in anti-aging and the science behind Eclos. This new line uses the super apple’s plant stem cells to boost the production of human stem cells. It protects skin from stress, and decreases wrinkles for fresher looking skin.
Hollywood has discovered the Super Apple too. Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore are reported to use anti-aging products that contain super apple. 
Clinical test have proven the ingredients in Eclos to reduce Crow’s Feet by an average of 15 percent in four weeks. While many lines that include the Super Apple are pricy, costing hundreds of dollars a jar, Eclos is a bargain. Products in the natural, plant-based skin care line are priced from $12.99 to $24.99. I’m hooked on the scrub, as it is gentle enough to use several times a week and gives my skin a glow.
Eclos is available at Ulta and Rite Aid, and online.