Easy summer entertaining, signature cocktials!

Serve a signature cocktailSummer is the time for fun, fabulous, impromptu entertaining. Stock your bar with wine, beer, soft drinks. Forget about stocking a full bar, if that is not your habit. You can serve just one great signature cocktail, Invite friends over for drinks on the patio or balcony on a sultry evening, and serve casual finger foods. 

Check out http://www.dolcedolce.com/ns_may132008.htm for our item on “Pantry Party Entertaining.” It contains suggestions for easy and tasty party food, straight from your pantry.

Pucker Vodka is a fun new line of intensely-flavoured fruit vodkas, just in time for summer fun! The 70-proof vodka is made with natural fruit flavours and is sweet. It comes in four flavours:
• Sour Apple Sass: The taste of crisp and tart Granny Smith apples
• Grape Gone Wild: The fresh sweetness of
Concord grapes
• Cherry Tease: A tangy, deep cherry bite, with a touch of berries
• Citrus Squeeze: A burst of juicy orange and tangerine
At about only $17 dollars a bottle, Pucker Vodka is an economical choice for a summer party. Try mixing it in a pitcher with lots of ice, well-washed slices of citrus, fresh fruit juice, and club soda for a refreshing signature cocktail. You can also add fresh herbs such as mint and basil for added flavour and a European flare.
Combos to try:
Sour Apple Sass with fresh strawberries and raspberries: Add simple sugar syrup to taste.
Grape Gone Wild with fresh lime juice and lime slices: Add sugar syrup to taste.
Cherry Tease with fresh orange juice and orange slices.
Citrus Squeeze with fresh citrus slices.
Fill a one liter or one quart pitcher with ice. Add one cup of vodka and one cup of fruit or fruit juice, and then add simple syrup if desired to sweeten. Stir. Add fresh mint or basil to taste, and fill to the top with club soda or sparkling water.
To make simple syrup
1/3 cup sugar (1part)
2/3 cup water (2 parts)
Place water and sugar in heavy sauce pan and heat it to a boil. Stir gently, until you have clear syrup. Cool and store in a clean jar or bottle. You now have simple syrup for cocktails, to make fresh lemonade, or even to sweeten iced tea.

Have fun and be safe!