Spooky sparkle!

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If you are throwing a Halloween party you might want add a little spooky sparkle to your party with Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut. The sexy-looking black bottles are perfect for a ghoulish gathering.


Bubbles add a festive touch to any party. is only about twelve dollars a bottle — and just three for the adorable minis, you can be lavish. Cordon Negro Brut Dry is dry and crisp with notes of apple and pear. It pairs well with both sweet and savoury food. And when setting up your bar, remember, you don’t need to offer a full bar wine and beer are fine. But, do have plenty of good choices for non-drinkers. Non-alcoholic drinks should be served as carefully as cocktails and not as an after-thought.


Add a cute spooky touch to your table with decorations and candles, but keep food appetizing not freaky or weird. Tempt your guests with easy-to-eat seasonal favourites. Try to balance indulgent treats with healthy bites. A large platter of fresh veggies and low-cal dips may not be “cutting-edge cosine” but it is always appreciated. Arrange the patter artistically. Use beautiful ingredients such as tiny sweet cherry tomatoes and sweet bell peppers. Stacks of tiny cherry tomatoes, fresh leaves basil, and mozzarella or feta cubes on fancy bamboo skewers are always popular.  Items like different flavours of hummus and flatbreads with beautiful vegetables and olives are easy to serve and delicious.

Offering small plates makes eating much easier and more enjoyable.Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut


Consider serving a large, a temping seasonal dish like pumpkin lasagna and good bread with a fresh salad. The twist is filling a cheesy lasagna spicy, creamy, slightly-garlicky layer to replace the meat sauce.


Keep dessert decadent and small.


Happy Haunting!