Tiny travel must-haves

Tiny travel must-havesThese days everyone is on the go and trying to pack light – especially with draconian airline regulations and insane baggage fees! But, no wants to look rumpled, dirty, or stained when travelling on business or for special occasions.

What to do?
Try packing a few helpful essentials that are tiny enough to fit in your carry-on.
The Dryel On the Go stain remover pen is a lifesaver. It is designed to remove stains from dry clean-only clothes, but I use it on washables too. It leaves no marks or discolouration behind. It works better than any other product I have tried at any price. I have used it on designer silk ties, suits, and a silk chiffon dress. It works like a dream. 

The mini version of Downy Wrinkle Releaser meets flight requirements for carry-on liquid. It will help you smooth wrinkles and freshen clothes in seconds.

Tide’s Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag allows you pack soiled clothes and still keep your luggage smelling fresh.

Stain relief

Dryel on the go!  BBQ sauce, melting ice cream, and dripping ice pops are just a few of the stain hazards of the season. There’s also the sauce your messy neighbour splashes on your favourite silk dress at a posh wedding, or the canapés your husband drops on his best tie. Summer can be messy!    

So stock up on Dryel on the go, the best instant stain remover we have found. We have used it on silk ties, suits, dresses, and furniture. You may have to apply it more than once on stubborn stains – and be gentle — but it really is a miracle! 
You can find it most grocery stores and big-box stores.