Ultimate hydration

Dry skin lacks radiance, and can look old and tired. Moist dewy skin is vibrant and beautiful. But keeping skin hydrated in air conditioning that is designed to remove humidity can be challenging.  

eraclea skin care has created the patented “HylaSponge System,” which helps skin hold water like a sponge. According to the company the “HylaSponge” System is a unique combination of three forms of hyaluronic acids that can hold 100 times its weight in water as well as help other ingredients such as antioxidants and peptides penetrate the skin more effectively. This makes sense, as Hyaluronic acid is the best hydrator for skin.
eraclea products combine the HylaSponge system with antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, and botanicals.
I tried the Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc for stressed, irritated skin. I love products that contain zinc. Zinc is very soothing to skin as well as helping it to regenerate. The serum is very hydrating. This is a fabulous product for anyone with too much redness or very sensitive skin. There are also numerous studies that show that zinc helps to firm skin.
I also tried the elegantly packaged Restorative Hydrating Night Cream. It also kept my dry skin moist and dewy for hours. I like the squalene oil in the formula; it penetrates deeply and leaves skin silky. The cream also contains Argireline, a very effective wrinkle relaxer, as well as lacto-ceramide, green tree, rose hip, and macadamia oil.
This is makes it a very complete and effective anti-aging moisturizer with top-of-the-line ingredients.
The entire eraclea line is well thought-out with effective ingredients elegantly presented. The only thing lacking is a good sunscreen.
I did not try the day creams or other products. But I like the addition of watermelon extract or "lycopene," as well as the other botanicals it contains.
This line is one to one to try!

Rehydrate summer skin

Summer sun, air conditioning, and late night fun can leave skin dry and dehydrated. Summer is not the time for heavy cover-ups that will melt and cake in the heat. Heavy creams and treatments will only clog your pores and aggravate your skin.

Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Face Pads are an intensive collagen treatment to smooth and firm the appearance of the face. Each pad is infused with a mixture of marine collagen and Torricelumn. The pads deliver collagen directly, immediately moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Torricelumn is Elizabeth Grant’s super-moisturizing complex. The pads are the perfect remedy for skin that has been abused by too much summer fun. Place a cooling pad on your clean face for 20 minutes and revive.

Soothe dry itchy skin with an ancient remedy

If your skin becomes as dry itchy during the winter as mine, you may want to try TheraNeem Leaf & Oil Lotion by Organix South. Neem oil is valued for its use in beauty and healing preparations in the Ayurvedic tradition. It shares many of the same properties as tea tree oil, but without the harshness. Neem oil contains levels of antioxidants which help protect the skin from free radicals caused by over-exposure to sun, environmental toxins and other damaging elements. It is also very moisturizing due to its natural fatty acids. The fresh-cut grass smell of TheraNeem Leaf & Lotion is a bit strange at first, but I soon became used to it as my dry and itchy skin was instantly soothed and softened. This rich lotion is addictive and leaves skin supple, and beautiful to look at and touch. There is also a gel formula.
All Organix South products are certified organic, fair trade and safe. I feel fabulous using and them – and maybe you will too. Try them, they really are fabulous.

Bye bye dry skin

Kate's Magik www.dolcedolce.com

Dry over-heated air robs your skin of moisture. One of the easiest ways to keep your skin silky-soft all winter long is to use a rich oil right after your bath or shower. The oil seals the moisture into your skin and leaves it soft, moist, and delicious.

I am addicted to soothing and beautifying oils. Kate’s Magik Aphrodiosian Fire Massage Oil is one of my favourites. This blend of sweet almond oil, cold pressed avocado oil and vitamin oil leaves my skin silken. I love the exotic scent. It is similar to pricy boutique oil that costs almost $100, but it is under $25.
Auromere Ayurvedic Massage OilRecently, I have discovered Auromere Ayurvedic Massage Oil with 25 Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals. The scent is lovely but light, and the oil is quickly absorbed into the skin. A four-ounce bottle is under $10.
Ayurvedic is the ancient system of healing from India. It uses herbs, massage, and diet to treat illness and promote wellness.
Both products are carried at Whole Foods and health food stores. Try one of them to silk and perfume your skin.