Do you feel vulnerable on the beach?

Sugie Wogie If you avoid the beach and pools, and dread resort getaways because you feel vulnerable in body-baring situations, then SugieWogie by Shari Riehl may be for you. SugieWogie is a unique combination of high-fashion swimdresses and shapewear. Shari Riehl created her line of “couture swim dresses” to be worn to beach, sightseeing, or even out dancing. The unique combination of a supportive body suit and bra, covered by a flirty georgette dress, is designed to flatter all body types.

There are several glam styles of SugieWogie swimdresses in a full range of sizes. The skirt is long enough to cover thighs, and the compression would tame bellies and derrieres. SugieWogie is made of with very high quality fabric, with detailed construction. It has the feel and look of designer sportswear.
If you were wondering, the firm is called SugieWogie ((Shuh-ghee Wuh-ghee) for the nickname Shari’s father gave her as a little girl. “I wanted to create a line of clothing and accessories that would be a reflection of everything my parents inspired me to be,” she says, “creative and confident with a sense of humor and a splash of verve — a collection that could bestow women with each of these qualities.”
So stop hiding – try on a SugieWogie. This would make a great gift for inhibited moms or sisters, too!