An Italian bistro dinner in minutes

Whole-wheat pasta with fire-roasted marinara sauce 
It isn’t often that we will recommend a prepared product in DolceDolce. We don’t like most of them. But everyone needs a time-saver once in a while. And every once in a great while, we come across a product good enough to use. Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Sauces are delicious. They should be as they are made with the best NapaValley plum tomatoes and NapaValley wines. I was skeptical. I cook a lot of Italian food from scratch and have many friends who are terrific Italian cooks. I am hard to impress. But, I also enjoy many fine Napa products and I like the lack of preservatives too, so I decided to try these sauces. I also know that some of our readers use bottled sauces. They may as well use the best and most healthful we can find.
This is the recipe. It took minutes and required few ingredients. I deliberately did not season the sauce and it did not need it. The Fire Roasted Marinara Sauce, used has a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, red bell peppers, as well as onion and garlic. It was flavorful and ready to eat straight from the jar. We often eat whole wheat pasta. It is nutty-tasting, and full of nutrients and fiber. We love it. Try it if you haven’t.
For 2
Boil and generously salt water. Cook 4 ounces/250 grams of dried whole wheat pasta.
4 ounces /250 grams of proscuitto, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 cup of clean sliced white or brown mushrooms.
Quickly sauté the mushrooms in a little olive oil, add the proscuitto and sauté for 30 seconds.
Add 1 cup of sauce and simmer 5 minutes.
Add drained whole wheat pasta of your choice to pan and toss.  
Garnish with chopped fresh basil.
Top with freshly grated parmesan and black pepper, as desired.
Add a fresh green salad, and a tasty dinner is ready in 15 minutes.
Mezzetta makes a full line of classic Italian pasta sauces. We also tried the Creamy Marinara. It was good, but quite mild. I can see many families loving it.