No more frozen dentist face

 Do you dread the afternoon after your dental appointment because you know your frozen face won’t let you speak clearly, eat, or even get your lip gloss on straight? Do you lose the day because you have Novocain face? Recently, I heard of a new solution to the problem.

Dr. Mark Sayeg in Atlanta is one of the dentists now offering Ora Verse to patients who don’t want that lingering numbness after local anesthetics to render their day useless. OraVerse is given before your procedure is over, so your smile is back when you walk out the door. After administrating OraVerse, a patient can return to normal sensations twice as fast. In clinical trials, patients have reported a return as quickly as 30 minutes after receiving OraVerse. The shot is free at Dr. Sayeg’s office, but costs an extra $15 to $30 dollars elsewhere. Worth it if you suffer this issue.
Be sure to ask your own dentist about OraVerse when you book your next appointment, if you have busy day.
Dr. Mark Sayeg