How to devastate on the first date

Babe Scott Babe Scott is the author of Delicious Dating, a new book that explains the relationship between men’s culinary and mating styles. She’s an expert on dining, dating, and men, and as research, she went on dozens of first dates.  

Among other things, the dating diva found out that getting dressed just right for dinner is essential.
“I had to turn my wardrobe into a weapon and make the process of dressing for dinner as finely tuned as a military operation,” she told us. “And believe me, style is the first salvo in the battle of the sexes.”
So darlings, if you are still battling to find your own true love, you won’t want to miss a word from one of our favourite dating divas.
Here’s Babe Scott and her wardrobe dictates:
What you have to remember is that men have absolutely no defenses against our womanly allure. Flaunt your femininity and you will have him eating out of your hand in more ways than one. It’s all about bringing your extended charm arsenal into play and showing off your curves. Your dating ensembles should make you feel you’re most confident and coquettish best. Here are some guidelines to ensure your style selections get him salivating:
Turn your wardrobe into a weapon
Your closet is one of your most important allies when it comes to success in the mating game. Just as a meal needs to look enticing to be appetizing, so should you. I recommend going through your wardrobe ahead of time to work out your most enticing ensembles. A little fashion forethought will take the stress out of dressing for a date.
My own rule is not to wear anything I don’t feel datable in. Even my gym clothes are curve-hugging and my office outfits show a suggestion of décolletage. Bad girls rule the boardroom too, in my opinion. And I believe a little sensual harassment in the workplace puts a spring in your step. You want to feel confident in any clothes you are wearing, as Mr. Right can show up anywhere, whether he’s doing a cat pose next to you or sitting one cubicle over.
Try on everything in your wardrobe in front of a full-length mirror, and be as honest as you can in your self-appraisal. If it doesn’t make the grade, get rid of it. Separate you’re dating outfits and make sure you have the right accessories for them, from necklaces to earrings to pantyhose and heels. Rate each ensemble in terms of how high they rate on the flirt meter so you will know what to wear depending on how much you want to turn up the heat.
Gravity-defying undergarments
You may need to buy a few more dating outfits. I always say: “Buy the dress and the occasion will find you.” A closet full of sweatpants is not good fashion feng shui, and is telling the world that you aren’t ready for company. I recommend outfits that flaunt your curves. Take your cue from Jessica Rabbit who famously said: “I am not bad; I was just drawn that way.”
The most important thing is to ensure you have quality undergarments. Get properly fitted for push-up bras that defy gravity. If you need a little extra padding, make sure they have some inbuilt va-va-va-voom. I would also get some nice panties rather than orthopedic ones. Beyond this I recommend buying some quality camisoles or bustiers that you can wear under low cut tops. You want to show a suggestion of cleavage, not the whole Grand Canyon. Depending on the weather, wearing control-top pantyhose to help streamline your silhouette is not a bad idea. Seamed stockings and even a fine fishnet are sexy and sophisticated, and get every guy’s imagination spinning.
Dresses that detonate
Once you have your undergarments worked out, I recommend form-fitting dresses or tops and skirts. There is nothing more feminine than a frock that moulds to your figure. Make sure the waist is cinched. It’s all about accentuating your curves so your body looks like a rollercoaster. Buy a few belts so you use them to further emphasize your waist and create an hourglass physique. Even if you have an athletic body like mine, you can still create a womanly shape.
Make sure the dresses show some décolletage. High-necked dresses are for librarians. It is also unflattering having black right up below your face. In fact, it is more aging than hospital lighting. I love a sweet-heart neckline, but a v-neck or even a scoop-neck also works. Breasts have enormous power over the male psyche, and while you don’t want them on full display, subtle cleavage can be used to devastating effect.
As far as baubles, I think jewelry should be used to enhance rather than to distract. Add a dash of sparkle to your ears or neckline but don’t wear pieces as big as Christmas ornaments. Your jewelry shouldn’t upstage you. I’ve seen earrings so huge that they could double as chandeliers, but the problem is that rather than notice the woman wearing them, all you notice is the ballroom they are wearing on their ears.
High heels
No dating outfit is complete without heels. They are the ultimate in sensuality. In fact, the stiletto was designed to mimic the shape of a woman’s foot during climax. If you find them hard to walk in them, there are brands like Cynthia Rowley that have heels that are easier on your feet. If they have support in the toe or a wedge heel they will be also be more comfortable. Whatever the state of your tootsies, there is no excuse not to have a few pairs of sexy shoes. They are among the most important articles in your wardrobe arsenal.
I usually pack flats in my handbag so I can put on my high heels just outside the restaurant or before I meet my date. No one wants to be walking miles in Manolos. Beyond the shoes, you should make sure that your toenails are immaculate. Invest in a quality pedicure. There is nothing more unappetizing than toes that should not be seen outside a dinosaur museum. On that note, a manicure is also important, as is a well-cared mane. Big bouncy sex kitten hair is my preferred look. Just as when it comes to your figure, you want your hair to be a bit voluptuous too.
Beyond this, I would wear a spritz of perfume, a tiny purse, and your prettiest smile. If you put your most fashionable foot forward, then you are guaranteed to snag a dishy guy., follow her on or like her on